CRL was founded in 1996 at Ghent University, Belgium, as a research group within the VIB Center for Medical Biotechnology. Our team combines extensive cell biology and molecular biology expertise and is housed in renovated laboratory facilities at the historic Rommelaere Institute.

Major research interests include leptin receptor activation and signalling and aspects of the innate immune response. Translational research is intrinsic to our programs, with possible applications in the fields of cancer, host defence and autoimmune disorders.

As a technology spin-off, we develop the MAPPIT and KISS two-hybrid traps to study interactions among proteins and between proteins and other molecules in living mammalian cells. Apart from applications in basic research, the MAPPIT technology suite provides valuable tools for drug discovery, including target identification, compound screening and lead profiling.

We are also developing AcTakines, a novel class of immunocytokines to target cytokines to selected cell types.